“We’re Keeping The Peace” President George Weah Affirms

George M. Weah, President of Liberia
George M. Weah, President of Liberia

The Liberian leader George M. Weah, once served as Peace Ambassador for several months under his predecessor Ellen Johnson Sirleaf .

Johnson-Sirleaf is a Liberian politician who served as the 24th President of Liberia from 2006 to 2018 and also won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011.

George Weah has two years of presidential experiences to his credit as President of Liberia and several months serving as Senator for Montserrado County in Liberia .

Weah’s presidency is not on an easy path as he is faced with several challenges including revamping and booming the country’s broken economy, maintained the peace, create jobs opportunities, attracting  investors, constructing roads, equipping health facilities  amongst others.

As the former Peace ambassador struggles to govern Liberia, there are challenges in country mainly to sustain the peace as the United Nations which has been keeping peace in the country for over a decade has turned over the entire security to his government.

Peace in Liberia is fragile despite the guns are silent according to international peacekeeping groups and international partners, evidence from several massive protest lead by  students, youth groups, business people, the Council of Patriots  headed by political commentator Henry P. Costa,  mob violence, secret killings amongst others .

With all these uprising against his leadership, President George Weah told the National Legislature during his third annual message to that precious body that he has chosen not to hunt, jail, harass any opposition against his government as previous government did.

It is an open secret that past governments in Liberia executed, jailed, harassed oppositions and former officials who spoke against their leadership.

Recently, the Weah led government came under criticism from local and international groups including some Liberians for muzzling the media, wanting to silence critical voices amongst others something the George Weah leadership has rubbished.

Council of Patriots Leaders
Council of Patriots Leaders, Henry, Mo, Yekeh

Currently, there is an ongoing investigating involving several critical voices against the Weah led government  over multiple issues while some student leaders including Mr. Martin Kollie, Ms. Jestina Taylor and  some Liberians  have gone into hidden for safety of their lives but the Weah Government has made it clear that they are not after anyone .

Reassuring the world, Liberians and members of the National Legislature during his constitutional annual message to members of that precious body, the soccer icon , now President of the West African nation Liberia said,  he was proud of his accomplishment by keeping the peace in Liberia . “One of the accomplishments of my Administration of which I am MOST proud, is that we have kept the peace in Liberia from Day One until now, BY OURSELVES.”

Members of the National Legislature, Liberia
Members of the National Legislature, Liberia

George Weah did not take the credit alone for keeping the peace as he congratulated Liberians also.

The Liberian leader said for almost twelve years before his government was elected, peace in Liberia was maintained by thousands of foreign soldiers who flew to the country.

Sounding more critical, the Coalition for Democratic  Change (CDC) political leader George Weah said, the soldiers were constrained to stay several years in the country as Liberians were against their own kinsmen, while  people were protected from their government as well.  “For almost twelve years before we came to Office, the peace in Liberia was maintained by thousands of foreign soldiers on our soil, protecting us from each other, protecting the people from the Government, and the Government from the people.”

He boasted that since the departure of the Peacekeepers, ( The United Nations Mission) his government has kept the peace not by force or military might   but by the sheer political will of the Government and its calm and professional approach to the management and resolution of conflicts.

“This is a proud achievement, especially in view of the fact that there have been many dissident voices and differences of view since we came to office, some of which resulted in peaceful street protests.” George Weah mentioned.

President Weah also said his government human rights is pristine clean since assuming the leadership of the country, not a single bullet has been fired in anger by his government at any Liberian citizens, and no deaths reported  from street protests.

He said his government will uphold the constitution that gives every citizen the right to have dissenting views and to express them freely and peacefully under the guidelines provided therein.

President Weah told the National Legislature at his 3rd annual address that his leadership will uphold to the exercises of democratic rights and freedoms, and consider them as positive proof of a healthy and functioning democracy.

“We, as a Government, are duty-bound by the relevant Articles of our Constitution, to protect the rights of our citizen, including those that are not involved in the demonstrations and protests, and will continue to do so under the Oath that I swore.”

Dr. Weah also assured Liberians that he will always look for ways and opportunities, and create the necessary forums, for peaceful dialogue with Liberians who may have differing points of views. “even if these differences cannot be resolved, we can agree, amicably, to disagree.”

He then called on all Liberians to work with his government towards achieving a reconciled, united, and prosperous nation because according to him “Without peace, there can be no progress, without peace, there can be no development, without peace, there can be no growth, without peace there can be no prosperity, whatever we do, whatever our differences, let us always take the path of peace, we want peace in our land.” He arrived

Clocking into three years as President of Liberia, Mr. Weah pledge to prosper the country under his leadership “Under my leadership, Liberia will prosper, I will provide you with quality leadership – a leadership of inclusive participation, openness, and accountability – aimed at reducing poverty and improving the quality of life for all. This, in essence, is the true meaning and purpose of the Pro-Poor Agenda.



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