“We’ve Won Election from Tally Sheets Provided us by NEC” Says, Dillon


In a strong-worded statement directed to Liberian President Georg Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) members, Liberty Party Senatorial Candidate  Abraham D. Dillon, has warned them from thwarting the just ended senatorial elections results in the country.

Said Dillon “Montserrado and all counties do not belong to any party. These elections that were held have been concluded, the results are lively know. Thank God for us at Liberty Party and CPP.”

Mr. Dillon said from tally sheets given them by NEC staff at polling places and after analyzing and summarizing the results, they have over 59-thousands votes ahead of the ruling party candidate Thomas P. Fallah.

He even went on to say, if other candidates’ votes are added to Mr. Fallah’s vote of the CDC, he is far from winning the senatorial elections.

The Liberty Party Senatorial Candidate stressed that the NEC has the official authority to announce the results according to laws, but their law doesn’t bound candidates from already knowing their results in any elections.

Summarizing elections laws, Dillon said, the law says “once you come first and second in any polling room, the two top candidates observers must be issues a record of all votes counted by NEC staffs and a copy of the tally sheet also publish on the wall at such polling center for everyone to view.

He said it is from such records they have in their possession that give them the lead in the just-ended elections.

Speaking further on other senatorial results, Dillon boasted that the opposition has clinch victory in several counties from officials issued tally sheets in their possession, naming Grand Bassa, Lofa, Nimba, River Gee counties amongst others.

“The results of the people across the country don’t temper with it” Dillon noted.

Raising his voice louder, he called on the international partners to take seize of the matter, emphasizing that over 400 international observers were in the country during elections processes to ensure a free and transparent process.

Let’s Keep the Peace:

Mr. Dillon called on his supporters to maintain the country’s fragile peace as well as the government and ruling party members.

“If there is no peace there can be no civilized discussion, no schools and marketers, even those who are employed in the private and public sectors will not go to jobs, let’s keep the place peaceful, let’s keep Liberia peaceful,” He said.

The Liberty Party Senatorial Candidate said, as a national leader, he will ensure that peace is maintained in Liberia.

Dillon reminded the CDC government that the country’s recent democratic history under former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was peaceful as she always accepted election results during her regime because it was the voice and decision of the Liberian people.

“Madam Sirleaf upheld the laws and allowed the results to go in keeping with the majority choice”.

Reflecting, he said in 2014 Madam Sirleaf son, Robert Sirleaf was on the ballot and contested against President George Weah but the people of Montserrado said in their votes they wanted Mr. Weah as their Senator and she allowed the outcome of such results.

He said his premise was to send a message to George Weah and CDC, saying the seat of Montserrado County and all counties do not belong to any party.

He alleged that there were people caught with Premark ballots in favor of CDC candidate and others with over 100 voting cards.

In 2017 Mr. Dillon said the country wanted George Weah as President and their decision was upheld something that made the country calm after elections. Now he said Montserrado county demonstrated that they want him as Senator therefore their views must be met likewise in other counties.

Thanks for Your Vote:

 Appreciating citizens and supporters in Montserrado county and across Liberia, Mr. Dillon lauded Liberians for overwhelm voting members of the opposition block in the just-ended elections. “We want to thank you Liberians for in an orderly and mature manner for going to cast your ballot on December 8 for your Senatorial choice.  Your ballot will count, and your decision will hold.”

He also lauded Liberians for voting NO to all preposition in the referendum.

Meanwhile, the Coalition for Democratic Change is calling on members and Liberians to await the official results from the NEC in the just ended senatorial elections.