When Good Morals Are No Longer In The Land, We Settle For Chaos, Hatred, Deceit & Confusion, Says A Liberian Clergyman, Samuel B.J. Nagbe


A Liberian clergyman has disclosed that one of Liberia’s current problems is the lack of good morals which he noted is now set loose.

The Senior Pastor of the Grace Assembly Church in Lakpazee, Zoo Karpet Filed Community Samuel B.J.Nagbe said that the current absence of good morals which the society had before is missing in the land and needs to be regain mainly beginning with national leaders.

β€œWe need morals, good and Living Morals pastor Nagbe added.

He said in the absence of such he fears chaos, confusion, hatred and deceit which is creeping in the land.

Protest, Strike and Go-Slow Action, Hate Speeches, Invectives on national media as well as social media are all instruments of the lack of good morals in the Land that needs to be addressed by duty bearers, he noted.

The β€œGAC” Senior Pastor indicated that it is now time for the demonic African dreams of sabotage, corruption, unemployment, economic hardship to be of the past in the current dispensation on the continent of Africa, particular Liberia.

According to him a beautiful palace does not make a good leader rather seeking the interest of the people first especially through sound decision and judgement, something he encouraged the CDC led government to implement.

Β He pointed out that building mansions at the expense of the poor masses is a bad sign of lack of good morals and should be discouraged to the letter.

β€œIf you built your homes on cruelty and tyranny, it will go but it will not last”, he warned.

The man of God urged Liberians to seek God’s face, come back to him and stop deceiving themselves in the name of being a Christian.

“Going to Church everyday does not make you a true Christian”, he added.

Speaking at the Church’s regular worship service on Sunday on the Theme: When Morals Are Set Loose from the text: Jeremiah Β 22: 13-20, Pastor Nagbe was quick to add that there is still hope for Liberia once national leaders do the right thing and ensure the people work together, the Country can get back on its previous sweet Land of Liberty footing.

β€œMake your morals straight with God” he advice all Liberians.

He called on the government to tackle the pressing issues affecting the nation and its people to include the enforcement of the rule of Law, battle against Corruption, Economic Hardship and many others which he observed is bringing untold suffering and hardship on the masses.