Where Are The Nine? Bishop Klayee Warned Liberians To Be Appreciative


The founder of the Jubilee Praise Church Bishop John Allan Klayee says too much ungratefulness is eating up the land.

Speaking at the 135th Thanksgiving Day Celebration, the man of God told the gathering that thanksgiving is paramount because it is the heart beat of God.
He said when people appreciate God it compares him to do the unseen something he wants the people of Liberia to practice.

Delivering a special message on the theme: Where Are the nine, the man of God warned Liberians that despite the current situation it is good to appreciate God.

He urged the people of this land not to complain of things they have no control over but to manage with what they have and leave the rest with God to do because with him all things are Possible.

” Stop day dreaming about normal days because we are already in the normal days,as what God give you is always perfect”, he added.

The message which kept the audience and President George Weah including other government officials on their heels was according to the Jubilee founder intended to remind Liberians not to forget about God because he has done so much for them as all they need to do is to give him thanks.

Narrating the story of the ten leopards in the holy bible from the book of St.Luke 17:11, the preacherman said Liberians do not need invitation or anything before thanking God.

He wants the citizens of this Country to now build on the spirit of gratitude not ungratefulness.

Buttressing the keynote speaker message was President George Weah who encouraged his people to glorify God in all that they do.
“You get jobs others do not have but you want salaries increment,be appreciative”, Weah noted.

Unlike in the past he added when Liberians were refugees across the continent and beyond and now that the story is different, it is key for them to appreciate God especially enjoying 15 years of uninterrupted peace.
He hailed the young people who are resolved in helping to promote the peace process and not to engage into violence.

Liberia he pointed out is a special Country and he is confident that it is on its way to development.

President Weah called on the people of this nation to work with this Government to ensure that lasting peace and development is realized.

He said Liberia is a peaceful and religious tolerance Country and it is key to bless God for such unlike other Countries that are currently fighting war.

“It is time that we all work hard,be very strong and United in a bid to see our Country move forward”,he added.
He said gone are the days where Liberians will run to their neighbors for shelter but to now meet their counterparts and brain storm on how to develop the continent of Africa.
He wants the current generation to work in a positive way to ensure that the next generation of young people are fully protected.
Dancing and praising God characterized the historic celebrations at the providence Island on Thursday,November 1, 2018.
It can be recall that 135 years ago Liberia’s existence was threatened by invasion but powerful leaders than sought the face of God and God delivered this land and subsequently as a way of appreciation to him lawmakers saw the need to enact a law to mark every first Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day to be celebrated as national holiday for all Liberians despite religious background and to give God Almighty thanks for his grace and mercy upon this land.