Who will Weah Support in LFA Election?


The fight for a replacement of Musa Bility as president of the Liberia Football Association has intensified with several names surfacing as candidates for the hot seat and the support of the president of Liberia to the next FA president is key in developing the game.

Currently LFA president Musa Hassan Bility has said after eight years of heading the football house he has decided not to contest due to his current position as an Executive Committee Member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).
This provides an open opportunity for any serious football stakeholder to grasp the chance especially in the midst of an amendment of the statues that allows anyone to compete for the position contrary to previous laws that only allowed Executive Committee members.
The amendment has meanwhile encouraged lovers of the game and past footballers to express their interest in leading the most vibrant sporting association in Liberia.
Among those wanting to contest for the Presidency of the LFA is former Lone star striker and Incumbent Vice President for Administration Musa Shannon who has thrown his hat into the race and will anticipate formidable rivals like LISCR President Mustapha Raji, Executive Committee Member and lone female candidate for now, Rochelle Woodson, Nimba United President Adolphus Dolo and former Lone star player and CDC Chairman, George Solo.
Already, Outgoing LFA President Hassan Bility has not declared his support for any candidate but his support for Musa Shannon in returned for his loyalty as vice president for eight years is highly expected from Mr. Bility.

However, Footballer turned President George Weah who is eager to adequately develop the game in Liberia and on the continent is keened on who becomes the best choice at the helm of the football house to implement his football agendas for reform.
Though the soccer legend is yet to declare support for any of the would-be candidates, it is believed that he is still in a state of dilemma as to who to support in the elections especially when he is faced with a critical decision to choose a single person among long time friends.
It is believed and alleged that it was President Weah who encouraged LISCR’s President Mustapha Raji to contest in the election as president after Raji initially fail to win an Executive Committee post in 2013.
One thing that is a reality is that Weah now has a task to either support former CDC chairman George Solo.
There are reports that Solo is the man tipped for the job by the president but he face a challenge between another teammate Musa Shannon.
As for the Incumbent Vice president, Musa Shannon, our source revealed that there has been a bad blood between he and the Executive which he is tirelessly working on to amend to turn the table around ahead of the LFA congress this Month.
Speaking at the Induction of the election Committee of the LFA on Thursday March 1, 2018 Musa Bility said President Weah is committed to a peaceful transition and will not interfere in the pending elections.
Though the president is yet to publicly express his interest for a candidate many believe that he will need a LFA president he trust to work with so his choice will be that of the 39 voters.