Why Hang Agriculture Minister Punishment?, Senate Leaves Question Unanswered


The punishment to be taken by the Senate against Agricultural Minster Jeanine Cooper has met uncertainty.

The Liberian Senate on Tuesday November 30, 221 during its sitting was uncleared about the specific punishment against the Minster.

The Senate through the Pro-Tempore Albert Chea told the Minister of Agriculture to return to the senate chamber on Thursday December 3, 2021 to get her punishment.

The situation came about when the Liberian Senate mandated the Committee on Agriculture to provide report on Liberia’s Agricultural status and prospects in the sector.

The committee chair on Agriculture at the Senate Jim Tornonla however complained against the Agriculture Minister about her ” consistent refusal to comply” with the committee to perfect its functions.

Senator Tornonla complaint to the Senate Plenary necessitated their action and fund her quilty.

According to the Margibi County Lawmaker who chairs the Senate Committee on Agriculture , the Minister of Agriculture Jeanine Cooper has failed to work with the committee in making thier report  for onward actions.

The complaint which necessitated plenary action against Minsiter Cooper to be cited before that August body led to her punishment which was not made cleared.

As per the constitution, the senate has the right to give contempt Charges against any members of the executive when found quilty of any complaint brought to them.

Although the Agriculture Minister apologized for her action, but the Plenary of the Liberian Senate exerted its power with an unspecified punishment Which the Minister is due to have on Thursday.

But what remains unusual is the senate decision to hold on the punishment and prefer it to another date.

It is now expected that the Senate will prescribed the punishment against the Minster of Agriculture for her wrongful action on this Thursday December 3, 2021.

The question still remains unanswered as to whether she will be punished or  swept under the carpet.


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