Woman Torture Over ‘Witchcraft Activities’ in Grand Kru County


By: Bryan Bioh ( Correspondent Maryland County)

Twelve persons have been arrested for allegedly flogging a 49 year old woman accused of Witchcraft activities in Grand Kru County.

They are detained at the Barclayville Police station currently undergoing investigations for allegedly beaten on the lady in Wedabo District, Grand Kru County.

49 years old Bessie karyepo told Police preliminary investigations that she and Ezekiel Wallace, age 60 were accused of witchcraft activities by traditional leaders in the town but refuted the allegation.

The victims further mentioned that they were brutally flogged and tie after been accused of witchcraft with alleged instructions from the tribal authorities to pay fine.

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“After the town people accused us, they fine us goat, cane juice and the balance was rice, pepper and others which i was already in readiness to get before i was flogged and tied under the blaziy sun.” Madam Karyepo said.

She denied her involvement in witchcraft activities stressing that she has not killed anyone as she spoke about the level of pain she’s battling with since her flogging.

“I am suffering now, I’m and feeling pains, and since I came to this town, I haven’t kill anyone because killing is not good.” Madam Karyepo told police authorities in the County.

The incident took place in Kweliken town on Tuesday September 8, 2020 in Wedabo District, electoral District #1.

Those arrested and undergoing Police investigations are, prime suspects, Harris Tollah, Pearson Sieh, Sackor Grayand and eight others who are currently behind bars at the Barclayville Police Deport.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police has launched an investigation into the situation leading to the flogging of the accused Witches.

In a related development three pastors were flogged by a group of town people for preacher the gospel in Grandkru county recently.