Women in Maryland Threaten another Protest, give Government 2 Days Ultimatum


By Bryan Dioh

Thousand of women who walked several mines from Pleebo to Harper in demand for justice for a young motorcyclist who was allegedly murdered in Maryland County have given the government of Liberia a two-day ultimatum to speedily conduct a trial for the murder case.

The women on Wednesday, March 31 peacefully marched through the principal streets of Pleebo and later converged in Harper.

According to Madam Chris Walker, Pleebo District traditional women Chairperson, after receiving several promises and calls from the President of Liberia, they have decided to stay off the streets and allow the justice system to work.

“We are going back home today and give the Government time to work because our president talk with us and also some of our big people too.

“They say we should give them two days to work and see, but if the two days finish and we don’t see anything trust me we will come back on the Road.

“We are only listening because they are our big people and the only reason we came in the streets is that since this thing happen they didn’t talk with us, so we were doing it to draw their attention,” Madam Walker said.

“I already told all my women that any of them who go on the street and anything happen I will not be responsible as their leader because anything I say is what they must do,” she added.

She however condemned the action taken by protesters in Pleebo and Harper that led to the destrotion of several government and private facilities.

Madam Walker said the law should team effect against perpetrators that will be apprehended.

The statement of the Women leader has been welcomed by several of the women who believe that giving the Government time to investigate as per their promise to them as women would adequately ensure smooth Justice.

Meanwhile, calm has been restored in the county following the government’s intervention through the deployment of officers of the joint security by the government.

It can be recalled that on Thursday of last week, a 20-year-old man was arrested by residents of Bissiken in Pleebo and later turned over to the Liberia National Police for allegedly murdering a 12-grade student of the Pleebo High School.