Women protest at Court Opening in Grand Bassa County But….


Women from both Sinoe and Grand Bassa Counties stormed the Second Judicial Circuit court in demand of speedy trial for the women who were tortured and stripped naked on the accusation of being a witchcraft, and their demand was met by the circuit court Judge Barkon that their case will start on August 13, 2019.

It can be recalled women of Sinoe County, last December were stripped naked and paraded in five towns in Sinoe County and sticks were forcibly pushed in them and they were burned with fire on their entire body on the order of country devil.

The matter was transferred from Sinoe County to Grand Bassa County based on change of venue filed by state prosecutors.

The state prosecutors feared the victims would not have had free, fair and impartial trial and the case may also be prejudiced by community dwellers if the case could remain in Sinoe County.

The women were severely tortured, using sticks inside their private parts, placed fire on their entire bodies escorting them almost to their untimely grave and umbrella pin was also used to penetrate in their hands, which led to one of them dying with three months pregnancy.

In an interview with one of the survivors in Grand Bassa County, where they are kept confidentially, the victim said she was severely beaten by some elders of several towns.

“They used wood catching with fire on our bodies and we experienced other harmful punishments. I almost lost my life.”

The survival explained that sticks were used in their private parts which led them to bleed excessively, adding that she died and came back to life by the grace of God.

The survival also removed clothes from her body to our reports, to reveal terrible fire marks placed on them as the result burning fire set on them.

She further narrated that she was told that the country devil was the one who gave the order to ill-treat them.

Explaining in tears, the survivor disclosed that her hair was painted but one of the painted hair was cut and her feet were swollen as the result of the fire where she could not easily breath.

Meanwhile, the mother of the victim who died with the three months old pregnancy said her daughter was 25 years old and she was her last born out of three children and was also staying with her because of their closeness.

The deceased mother further added that when the incident occurred, she was not to herself and in fact, she was in the state of confusion because it was her first time to witness such unwholesome act and can still reflect on the horror on that faithful day of December 31,2019.

According to the deceased mother, those who committed such unimaginable behavior have been bragging that nothing will come out of the brutal killing of her daughter, because she does not have because she is poor.