“Work Out Modalities To End Upcoming Protest In Liberia ” Says ECOWAS-UNITED NATIONS


As the clock ticks towards December 30, 2019 the world is watching the West African nation Liberia and taking steps to abort any threat to its already fragile peace .

A group of Liberians under the banner Council of Patriots (COP),are planning a massive protest demanding the former soccer icon now President of Liberia,Dr. George M. Weah to ease the economy woes and provide basic social services to his citizens.

COP headed by popular talk show host Mr.  Henry P. Costa, believes that their petition presented to Mr. Weah has gone on death ears and said the protest is to  tell the world that Mr. Weah’s government  has failed the millions of Liberians who elected him, because they are stay living in abject poverty.

But as the day comes closer, there has been mediation talks with the COP to abandoned their actions because of the economy, security and  political implications of their protest to the country and the African sub region at large.

One of such organization that has been ensure the peace and rule of laws are maintained and respected under the Congress for Democratic Change George Weah led government is  ECOWAS Commission and the United Nations Office in West Africa.

Recently, the group held discussion with the Council of Patriots and the government of George Weah aimed at reaching a common deal with COP about their planned peaceful protest on December 30, 2019.

As part of their mandates, the ECOWAS Commission and the United Nations Office in West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) undertook a Joint Mission to the Republic of Liberia from 26-27 December 2019.

The peace body said their  objective was to reiterate the commitment of the two organizations to supporting the efforts of the country of the sub-region, particularly the Republic of Liberia, towards sustaining peace and development.

In this regard, the delegation acknowledges that the incumbent President is democratically elected and has a legitimate mandate of six years.

the peace body insisting that the right of peaceful assembly and freedom of the press are guaranteed by the constitution of the Republic of Liberia.

The delegation reminded all stakeholders of their responsibility to maintain peace, security and stability of Liberia, noting that the right of assembly should be in conformity with the provisions of the laws and cautioned against any form of violence for which they would be accountable.

The delegation welcomes the general desire to call off the protest of 30th December if specific actions were taken in addressing some of the governance and economic issues which form the basis of the current tension in the country.

The delegation also notes with pleasure the interest of the government in addressing the relevant issues aimed at calming the tension and calling off the protest.

The delegation further notes with satisfaction the ongoing efforts of the government and its partners towards this end and calls on the government to do more

The delegation takes seriously the assurances of the government of providing the details of these commitments during the state of the nation address.

The delegation encourages the government to establish, with the support of ECOWAS, United Nations and its partners a platform/mechanism for a sustainable and an all-inclusive dialogue for the peace, security and stability of the country and thereby eliminating undue recourse to demonstration and protest

In this context, the delegation exhorts all parties to work towards calling off this imminent protest in the general interest of Liberia and the sub region.

Meanwhile, the group wants both parties work out modality in putting a halt to the protest and forge with the livelihood of people of Liberia.