World Bank gives US$5M to build LISGIS Capacity.

In an effort to further enhance and strengthen the capacity of the statistics house in the Country the World Bank has provided five million dollars to LISGIS.
The money will additionally give LISGIS the opportunity to continue conducting key national survey which will be useful to capture data on national accounts, prices, poverty as well as key sustainable development goals.
According to the operation officer of the world Bank Esther Rojas Garcia they were impressed with the recent level of work done by LISGIS.
Esther said the World Bank is proud to have supported the historic initiative which is foundational to understanding and tracking poverty and development in Liberia.
She acknowledged other development partners to include SIDA, USAID, AfDB, and EU who together pooled resources to set up a 4.5 million multi donor trust fund to fund the work.
The HEIS survey also offers a solid basis for determining policies that can be used to inform the pro-poor agenda.
Speaking Monday at the launch of the HEIS report Madam Garcia noted is an important achievement that will enable the government to make informed policy decisions intended to support the pro-poor agenda.
Furthermore she added that the data will also make it possible to fully re-base key indicators such as the gross domestic product (GDP) and the consumer price index (CPI) for the first time since the end of the war.
In terms of the calculations of the GDP the data captured in the survey includes both formal and informal sector data that allows for a better estimation of the National GDP and a better basis for calculating inflation trends and until now she noted that “We have been using weighted averages of neighboring countries for different calculations but with this now the government will be in a position to use its own data to make these important calculations.
It can be recall that the statistics house in 2016 conducted a one year households, k and income survey capturing the entire Country.