Sen. Yallah Wins CDC Primary on White Ballot in Bong


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

Bong County Senator Henry Yallah has won the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) primary to contest on the party’s ticket in the ensuing December 8, mid-term Senatorial elections.

On June 20, of this year, the CDC endorsed the senatorial bid of the Bong County Senator, an endorsement that was greeted by controversies as a result of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), one of the Coalition’s tripartite members distancing itself.

Senator Yallah, who recently joined the Congress for Democratic Change, won the primary on white ballot.

Speaking after the pronouncement of Sen. Yallah as the party’s candidate, Bong County Jorquelleh District #3 Representative J. Marvin Cole told the gathering that Yallah presence on the party ticket will make the CDC maintain its political powers.

“Hon. Yallah is a very strong face of our County’s polities so having him as member of our party is a plus for the CDC here in the County, ” Cole added.

He said Senator Yallah has made a mark on every part of the County and as such, it will be very easy to sell his campaign message to the voters and pledged his commitment to campaign for Sen. Yallah during the elections.

For his part, Senator Yallah extended commendations to the CDC for granting him the democratic willpower to contest on its ticket.

He said his reelection is a decision of the voters that is being supported by the CDC therefore nothing will block him from being reelected.

“One thing I want all of you to understand is that I have not come as lability to the CDC. I have rather come as an asset because I have the money all I want from the CDC is to push me up but not to be a liability to the party,” Yallah said.

He asked Bong County Superintendent Esther Yamah Walker who recently quit the NPP for the CDC to be strong adding that “the work you do Madam Supt. will make the CDC to win this election easily.”

The program was attended by two Executive members of the NPP including the daughter of former Liberian President Charles Taylor.