Young Lofa County Senatorial Hopeful Promises more if elected 2020


A Young Businessman in Lofa County has vowed to take development and redouble his humanitarian efforts to providing the needed expectations if elected senator in 2020

Gordon Moiwula said his decision to contest the county senatorial election is triggered by the failure of the current lawmakers to  provide of basic social services for their citizens.

In a KMTV interview, the Lofa County senatorial hopeful said his county is being denied of basic services due to lack of proper representations at the Capital Building.

He believes his ascendancy as senator guarantees the needed expectations of people in that part of Liberia.

As part of other projects undertaken to help develop the minds of young Liberians, improve the standards of Living in that area, Gordon Moiwula has began the constriction of a modern high school vicinity  that will accommodate over thousands of students, distribution of text books, provision of medical and school stationery to almost all clinics and schools across the county.

In addition, the Young Liberian, prior to his political admission has provided sixty four local scholarship, six international, eighty eight jobs to young people.

He added that it is frustrating the county at this age lacks proper medical facilities, good education for young people, road accessibility, save drinking water, whereas respective lawmakers are capable of curbing these long time problems that are hindering the lives of the people.

”The County can not move forward when lawmakers and the government are insensitive to the plight of the these people”, he said to KMTV News.

According to him, lawmakers for the past years have used the vote of the people to achieved that shellfish gains at the detriment of the people of Lofa.

Young Gordon Moiwula is hopeful that  Lofean can shift the paradam by voting him at the House of Senate in order to see positive transformations ranging from their economic, educative, social, health status.

”We been engaging ourselves to county and national developments but with the level happenings, we ere compare to take the decision to rescue our people form abject poverty” the businessman turned politician noted.

Even to the time of the election period, Mr. Moiwula said he is committed to continuing his gesture to bring smiles on faces that have been dined their political benefits due to constant ”greediness of vampires”.