Dillon Says NEC Co-Chairperson Designate Body Language Speaks of Political Intrusions


By Eric Gerlay (Intern)

Monsterrado Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has described as being politically attached and displeasing the facial expressions of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Co-chairperson designate, Cllr. Teplah Reeves.

Cllr. Reeves on Thursday, July 9, appeared before the Senate’s Standing Committee on Autonomous Agencies for confirmation hearing following her appointment by President George Weah in April of this year.

“Madam Nominee, you seem to be temperamental, your body language tells me a lot. Yes, that’s my concern. Your body language also speaks to your characters. For me to send someone to Election Commission, even your body language will inform us,” Senator Dillon said.

The Montserrado County lawmaker believes that anyone vying for such a position must be examined on basis of integrity and political neutrality, adding that the stability and peace of the country borders on a free and transparent election.

“The court may take a decision in a case involving two parties and it may not be of magnitude enough to reverse the peace and stability of this country. But one result lacking in credibility by the manner of conduct of the election that that commission will hold can take this country back.”

Despite several questions from Senator Dillon surrounding the nominee’s integrity, Cllr. Reeves believes that she’s best suited for the position, but said she cannot predict the future when asked as to whether she would allow herself to be influenced by political intrusion. She, however, assured the Senate that she will “go by what’s before me and what has been presented to me to be able to ensure that your vote will be counted and I trust and I can assure that your vote will definitely be counted when I get up in the morning.”

Cllr. Reeves, who participated in the 2014 senatorial election in Rivercess County on the ticket of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), told the Senate Committee that she relinquished her membership with the party when she assumed a post at the NEC.