Youth Advocacy Group Wants Death Penalty for Rapists


By Ayeason Yeeba (Intern)

Admits a rapid increase in rape cases across Liberia, a youth advocacy group, “Women’s Spotlight” on Wednesday launched a campaign aimed at preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls in the country.

Women’s Spotlight is an umbrella group comprising youths against rape and other forms of violence against humanity.

Giving an overview of the group at the launch of the two months campaign in Monrovia, the group’s leader Princess Elexa Vanjahkollie said it is now time to bring to an end to rape cases in Liberia.

“I am strongly in support of Maj. Gen. Prince C. Johnson’s statement that rape perpetrators be served death sentence,” Vanjahkollie said.

Recently, the Armed Forces of Liberia Chief of Staff said there is a need to revisit the issue of the death penalty law rape perpetrators.

“I think with the huge number of statistics we have on rape, there is a need that we revisit the issue of the death penalty for those who sexually abuse our women and girls in Liberia.”

Buttressing the AFL chief of staff statement, Vanjahkollie stressed that the only remedy in eliminating rape cases in Liberia is to serve the “death penalty” to perpetrators.

The anti-rape advocate also expressed dissatisfaction in some law enforcement officers who have been linked to rape, but up to current are still roaming.

The group wants speedy trials for rape cases, underscoring that Justice is served everyone irrespective of your status, age, colors, or gender in the society.

The campaign is expected to cut across other counties for a period of two months in Liberia.

Despite rape being a non-billable crime in Liberia, a huge number of rape cases ranging from 2 months old babies to adults has been reported across the country.

The Ministry of Gender, Children, and social protection reported a total of 803 sexual gender-based violence cases from a single quarter (January to March 2019).

Rape alone constituted 513 cases. According to the ministry, only 216 perpetrators were arrested among the hundreds of suspected perpetrators.