Youth and Sports Ministry ends one day meeting with Sports Journalists.

Over twenty Sports Journalists under the banner Sports Writers Association of Liberia Friday participated in a one day meeting with officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The meeting was chaired by Deputy Youth and Sports Ministry G. Andy Qwamie.
In his opening remarks Deputy Minister Qwamie encouraged Sports Journalists to work collectively with the Ministry to ensure the Government Sports and youth development plans are realized.
He promise the Ministry’s commitment to an open process and will be willing to at all times provide information to them and the Liberian people in general.
He said with hard work and focus mind the growth of Sports in Liberia will be achieved.
As part of his plans he told Sports Journalists that he will in the coming days meet with all twenty nine Federations in the Country in a drive to hear their plights and see how best if possible it can be addressed .
According to him it has been widely observed that bulk of the Federations are not effective but are getting subsides from the Government.
He added that at the end of the pending meetings with all the Federations they will identify the effective federations which he noted will benefit subsides from National Government.
Sports reporters were however encouraged to report professionally at all times.
In general remarks all the participants promised to work with the Ministry and at the same time recognized some of the lapses of the some of the Federations

operating in Liberia.

They named ineffectiveness, lack of information dissemination to them and many more as some of the challenges they have experienced over the period.
In relations to training Minister Qwamie assured Sports journalists that he will use his four years media officer experience at the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to help build their capacity.
The meeting was well attended by key officials of the Sports Bureau of the Ministry to include: Navarro Seekie, Kelvin Segbe, Bryant Mcgill, Joe Nagbe amongst others.
It focus was among other things intended to know some of the challenges affecting the operations of Sports Journalists in Liberia

In an effort to have it addressed for the forward march as well as the development of Sports in Liberia especially under the leadership of a President who has a strong background in sports.

It is heavily expected that more will be done under the Government of former world player of the George Weah to help improve sports and build up more talents across the Country.