Youth Group Commended President George Weah On Appointment Of “WASH” Officials, But..


The group United Youth For Peace, Education, Transparency and Development in Liberia (UYPETDL) has lauded President George Weah for his recent appointments of board members including Executive Director of the National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Commission (WASH)
According to Timothy Kpeh Executive Director of the civil society group the president’s decision demonstrates his political will to ensure the “WASH’ sector is improved for the benefit of the people.
Though there are some missteps noticed in the appointment by the President but Mr. Kpeh noted that the long delay appointment of the commissioners which was officially done by Dr. Weah is welcoming and commendable.
However, the act that established the National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Commission calls for the appointment of the Board of Directors including the chairman and not the Executive Director something President Weah violated, they added.
In his latest appointment the Liberian leader named Salia O. Kamara as executive Director of the “WASH” commission contrary to the act, a decision some human rights groups frowned at greatly.
According to them what is not done legally is not done at all as such urged the president to revisit said decision in the interest of respecting the laws of the land which he promised to uphold and contrary to that they believe that he will be setting a wrong precedence.
According to chapter five of the act under structure and personnel of the National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Commission states that the Commission shall have a secretariat, headed by an executive director who shall be hired through a merit based appointment procedure led by the Liberia Civil Service Commission now Agency and shall serve as the principal deputy reporting directly to the chairman among many others as indicated in the act.
“UYPETDL” though commended Dr. weah but claimed that some of the names listed so far are relatively new in the sector and needs some collaborative work to be done in said direction in a bid to help ensure efficiency in the workings of the Commission.
Timothy speaking at a news conference Monday August 13, 2018 said water and good sanitation and hygiene services are essential to the livelihood of all and must be prioritized by this government.
He said if the pro poor agenda must realize its full potential than it is incumbent upon the current administration to look at crucial issues of “WASH” that are directly connected to the people.
“In as much as we are dancing and celebrating today because of an advocacy we long pray for and has now become a reality, we are equally concern that the very best thing must be done”, he added.
“WASH” sector in Liberia has been faced with lots of challenges over the period to include: open defecation,inadequate water supply and poor sanitation facilities among others but with the introduction of the commission Timothy is certain that the people of this Country can have all reasons to smile.
Additionally the “WASH” activist noticed that implementation of key issues in Liberia has been a big problem as such he challenged the newly appointed officials not to do business as usual because they will be on the fence watching and to hold them accountable on what they should to do as far as the act which created the commission is concerned.
The ” UYPETDL” boss wants Liberia to work hard in the sector to enable her meets up with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals pillar six which talks about providing safe drinking water including good Sanitation and Hygiene services to all.
Timothy was also quick to call for more funding to the sector to enable the commission function properly.