Youth Group Stage A 1K Match In Protest to End Violence Against Children


About hundred children and youth activists Tuesday July 3rd staged a one thousand kids walk throughout the principal streets of Monrovia.
Holding placards and signing slogans,the kids with one voice called for an end to violence against them in Society.
The walk which started from the main campus of the University of Liberia on capitol hill saw children as young as four years holding placards with inscriptions: End violence against us,we want quality education, good healthcare, no street selling,fast track rape cases,let justice be serve to all,no to early marriages and many others.
According to the brain of the campaign Satta Sheriff, enough is enough of the multiple human rights violence against the future leaders and precious jewelry of the Country.(Children)
“It is time to put an end to such troubling national calamity”,Satta noted.
She named child abuse, (Street Selling) Child molestation, Rape,teenage pregnancy, inadequate housing, health and schools facilities as challenges over the period that the children of Liberia are living with,adding that it is indeed worrisome to the growth and development of Liberia.
The child rights activist frowns at what she referred to as the complete abandonment of the welfare of the children of Liberia by national leaders despite the signing of several treaties and protocols by past and current administrations.
In Liberia the Ministry of Gender,Children, and Social Protection is the arm of government responsible for the wellbeing and protection of Liberian kids but Satta notice that not much efforts have been seen or put in place by that government ministry to address said issue.
” We want good and implementable legislations including full support to improve the lives of all children of this Republic despite their background in society”, she added.
She promised that with the cooperation of her colleagues they remain unbinding in their quest to ensure that Liberian children are giving all necessary conducive environment to live.
Currently there is a communication to members of the 54th national legislature citing several of the daily human rights abuses and violations against the future leaders of this Country as the youth group is certain that their issues will be addressed by the power that be.
The current situation is a national cause as it was reported by the police of the latest arrest of a 34 year old woman who beat to death her 6 years old child and is under going investigation by the police.
Parents,teachers, national leaders and government in general are all under obligation to help protect the rights of Liberian children and to provide them all necessary goods in the supreme interest of the state.