Youth In Sophie Community Want Justice Over Police Brutality On Their Colleague, Says, They Are Now Living In Fear


Youth in the Sophie Community are said to be living in constant fear as a result of ill treatment by some state security officers in the Community.

The young people who are neighbors to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor claimed that they expected to be protected to the core by security officers in the area due to the VP’s presence in the community but it is the opposite as fear and threat are now the order of the day.

Though they have not mentioned what exactly they have done to the State security officers in the community but appealed to live a normal and free life void of intimidation and harassment.

One of the latest victims of the act of brutality against some young people is a young man identified as Moses Carter who is now nursing injuries as a result of police brutality and torture on him.

The victim is so far appealing to senior security officers to investigate his case in order for justice to prevail.

Moses age 25 was on Sunday April 12, 2020 allegedly beaten and tortured on the orders of Police Support Unit (PSU) officer Mark Sackie at the Vamoma Junction.

According to victim Carter he was picked in his Sophie Community and put in a vehicle at 5pm by officer Mark and taken to the Vamoma check point where alleged PSU officer (Mark) told his colleagues at the vamoma check point that he (Moses) is one of the young men in the Sophie Community where  the Vice President resides  who do not respect security personnel as such he ordered his colleagues to allegedly beat Moses.

Narrating further the 26 years old victim said he was beaten and told to pump tire countlessly as his legs and hands were helpless and sweat running down almost every part of his body with no one to come to his rescue.

Moses a vocational student studying electricity at the Ministry of Education Vocational program said he was under the police detention on Sunday without knowing his crime he committed and was there from the 5pm pick up time to 9pm at which time he was released and dropped at the Catholic Junction by the officer Sackie.

Currently victim Moses pointed out that he is feeling severe legs and body pains as a result of the beating and torturing by the police officers.

“I feel real pain in my two legs and unlike in the past, I am leaping on my right leg due to the torture I received from the officer”, Moses added.

He told our reporter that he had no earlier confrontation and or never disrespected officer Sackie in the Community but has been one of the young guys in community who has been helping him over the period and wondered why really prompted his beating.

Moses wants proper investigation into his case and that the perpetrator should be punish for his ugly act against him.

Currently he stressed that he and his other young colleagues are now living in fear in the Community and wants proper redress to avoid the recurrence of such action.

When contacted via mobile officer Mark Sackie did not denied neither confirmed the allegation but rather referred us to his bosses to respond to the claims levied against him by Moses.  .

Mark a PSU officer is assigned with Grand Kru County Representative Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa and resides in the Sophie Community and is operating one of the local community entertainment centers called Jamaica.

Moses claimed that he reported the matter to some officers assigned with the VP but they did not allegedly say anything as such he chose to report the matter to the media to draw public attention and to as well swiftly intervene into his matter.

Our Investigation also went further to speak with Police Spokesman Moses Carter who promised to look into the Matter later .

Investigation Continues….


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