Zogos Blasts Liberian Government Over Neglects


Peter Kollie , 37 years old,did not hide his feelings as he explained his dissatisfaction with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government headed by George Weah .
Peter was amongst several child soldiers who fought the brutal civil war in Liberia in the 90s and was exposed to illicit drugs and other violent acts .

Kollie was part of several less fortunate Liberians (zogos) who benefited from the distribution of hot meals from Jetty trading Company in the Red Store-Logan Town , Bushroad Island Community in Liberia.

In an interview with KMTV Tuesday, he explained his abandonment ordeal from his family because he fought during the civil crisis in Lofa and other parts of the country .

However, he said his hope has been dashed as the regime they trusted and voted for has scampered their aspirations .

Said Kollie “We voted for our President George Weah and he promised us lots of things and we expect it from him but after he won he turned his back on us. Weah told us he was going to build some containment site to help us but after some time we can’t here nothing again so that’s the bad feelings that is in us .

Lauding the Indian government , Jetty Trading Company and people for their gesture, Kollie and others praised them for the constant hot meals throughout Monrovia .”I tell Jetty thanks so much because over the past years we never see people like this to bring us food to eat.”

He said gone are the war days in Liberia and as such the CDC government must transformed their lives a cause which they campaign and voted them into power for .

Another less fortunate Liberian sounding very eloquent and boasting about his professional career as a carpenter , Darlington, said their living condition are becoming unbearable on a daily basis.

“The situation we in is not fine, we begging the government to look after us, one or two work , what we doing now is not satisfactory, we want the government to bring trade and take us from the streets . Just the hobbits (drugs) keeping us down most of us are trade people .
According to him a robust program implemented by the CDC government will help transform their lives and make them useful in society something past government has failed to do.


  1. Kindly proof-read your works when posting them on public media. It discourages readers to find grammatical errors all over your works. Please, please PROOF READ your works.
    As to that of Zogoes condemning the government having participated in killing people senselessly all over Liberia while living on drugs, it is speaks of their mind-set to continuing living on their senseless attitudes of forcibly attacking people and taking away what they want as they did during their war days.
    No one can change you, zogoes. Only you can change yourselves because the attitude you developed has became so chronic in you that it becomes a livelihood for you. No respect for any body. You rob people of their belongings in day light. It is worse in the night when a peaceful citizen meets you in an isolated place. Even when they build you an institute you will end up selling every thing just to go back to your criminal way of surviving. Women and men are all in it. No one can trust a zogo. Change yourselves and let society see that you are a changed person. Then people will begin to trust you little by little then after a lapse of TIME you will be accepted and trusted.
    But as the way it is, you are a danger to society, zogoes.

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