Zogos Call For The Establishment Of Rehabilitation Programs


Zogos in Liberia are calling for the establishment of rehabilitation programs for them. Under the banner: Operation Restore hope, the substance users said it is time for change and they are prepare for such to ensure that they contribute their quota to nation building.
The sizable number of Zogos Monday peacefully stood in front of the Foreign Ministry holding placards there-by sending out their message loud through political songs.

According to one of them Frank Freeman, A High School Graduate he has been in the business for about ten years and has benefited nothing adding that it is time to take the exit door. Frank who attributed his involvement into said bad life style to peer pressure, encouraged his fellow colleagues to desist from the ugly practice and see the need to change and move on with their live so that they too can be welcome back in their various communities.

“I have three children and I want a new life but appeal to national government to see the need to assist me and my colleagues”, he added.

The day long parade organized by two substance activists James Koryor and Reuben Logan described the alarming wave of drug abuse by young people across the Country as national emergency and therefore challenges national government to address it now.

“These are the same guys who harass, hijack and steal from you on a daily basis as such this speaks volume to our national security once they are not rehabilitated in society, James and Reuben pointed out.

Both James and Reuben said the change for hope that the CDC led Government brags about starts immediately with the young and less fortunate people in society.

The constant Arrest, detention and more is not the solution to the many problems facing Zogos rather a sustainable and well funded rehabilitation and other related programs”they added are the best way in fully addressing the current night mare of the Country.

They told reporters that it is sad for the future leaders of Liberia to be engaged into such practice but were quick to add that it is still not late to do the right thing as the victims he noted are prepare for change once the right avenue by national government are provided for them.

Until their plights can be addressed through the implementation of tangible programs and policies the number of young people mainly substance users are increasing on a daily basis across Liberia.